Saturday, January 28, 2006

And the Winners are.........

LUKUS was the 1st place overall winner in the Pinewood derby today and Ian was the 1st place winner for the 1st year
Webalo's. I don't think either of them placed in the derby last year so this was really cool for them this year to place first.

In addition, Lukus also recieved the the award for the most Patriotic Car. They both worked really hard on their cars this year and made them extra special so for them both to place 1st was really neat. But to see Lukus beat out all of the packs out of the entire Den and get first overall was just the coolest! His expression and excitement was one I will never forget. I know he was so psyched! This was truly the highlight of his weekend! He has never won anything before so this was truly a fist for him. He worked really hard on his car with Chad all the way up until last night to put on all the finishing touches before the big race this morning. What a great weekend! I know the boys will remember it forever!
In the above picture is Lukus with the Cubmaster Brenda Watkins who was also voted Cubmaster of the year in Tulsa!


heather said...

WOOOOO HOOOO! How incredibly fun! We have never been a part of cub scouts, but I have heard of the pine derby races for years - so what a huge honor! You tell those boys we think they are AWESOME!!!!!!! ( And we'll tell 'em again tomorrow~!!!!!!)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm honored to be a part of the blog community. It's great having a daughter who serves as my techno guide. She does all the detail stuff and all I have to do is talk! What a great system!! I love being with you also. My spirit soars when I get to worship with you. Thank you for your heart of worship!


Jeanne said...

Whoops! I must have forgotten a step that Vanessa taught me. I never been called anonymous before! I'll get my written instructions from her and see if I have an identity now. I'm such a dinosaur!!!!!!!!!!!!!