Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Connection of Small Groups

I really enjoyed church tonight. The testimony was truly awesome and I love how it showed how God's love and mercy can come around full circle again and end up right back where it once began. How awesome is His plan!

I loved what they said about Small Groups and the connection. I know there are so many people that make a choice to not be connected into one and it makes me sad for them. I want to reach out to them but don't know how. I've tried different approaches but after a while, is there a stopping point? Do you just give up on people? Did Jesus ever give up? How many times in the bible did He say to keep trying until you just move onto someone else? Guess I need research!

I have a difficult time in my studies with this. I love what they said tonight about wanting to be connected to so many and it's hard to choose just one. I connect with that feeling so much. Maybe that's why we travel to so many about every six months or so. I kinda think it's healthy. Then you get to know quite a bit of people that way and create even more relationships. But then again, I do miss the other friendships from our other groups too, so it's a hard decision either way.

It's a big subject! But I can honestly say that without the connections of the small groups that we have had at church, I'm not sure that we would have many connections at all. Those connections have drawn us deeper and closer into the body and heart of the congregation and gotten us closer to everyone there.

Goodness! I just love our church!

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