Friday, August 29, 2008

Yes! Mom plays FOOTBALL!!!

It's a great cardio workout! And I get to wear my jersey! And hug all over my OSU son!

I think there would be a penalty for this! YELLOW FLAG! YELLOW FLAG! He's trying to rip my shirt off...that's not allowed in Football!

I wasn't ready yet!!!! (words you should always hear in football)

I think he's saying "Stand Back...SHE'S MINE!"

It's all fun til MOM gets hurt! But I kept going!!!

Well, and then this happened!

I caught the ball LOTS of times! Shocker huh??

Seems to be distractions coming from the cheerleader!

I can dance too!!! ;o)

Okay...the serious throw combined with the Look Of Death!

And there you have it, MOM plays football.....and now walks with a limp!!! ;o)


Shane Coffman said...

I'd call this the most fun Brenda post ever...if it weren't for the jersey.

I have plenty of orange ones you could have borrowed, you know...

Brenda said...

Well Shane! It was a fun night in deed! We had a blast! I took some good hits and kissed the concrete a couple of times. But I outlasted both of the men in my house!!!

But Shane....My dearest and confused friend!
I know...I look great in orange!
Let me remind you that there are many joyful things that come from the color red:
Valentines Day
Red Roses
Red M&M's
And so much more!!!
And let me remind you.....
that no matter how much you THINK you may bleed orange my mis-guided friend.....
You do infact bleed RED!!! Your RED! And your best friend....yep...LOVES RED!

Ahhhh.....I feel this football going to be FANTASTIC!!!
All I can say my friend is.....
B R I N G I T O N!!!!! ;O)

Let the games begin!

Shane Coffman said...

Careful. I'll send my cat over to take care of you.

Brenda said...

I will feed Zorro out of my RED OU bowl, and give him strawberry milk, and have him cuddle with me on my OU blanket.

I'm not afraid. ;o)

Shane Coffman said...

He would never!!!

Brenda said...

Don't underestimate the power I may have over your cat! I could get him to cuddle! ;o) And even come home with a red stripe down his back!

Lori said...

Great post, but I have to add GO POKES!!!

Theresa said...


valentines day should be orange. :)

Brenda said...

I'm outnumbered! :o(