Sunday, August 03, 2008


I love being random! Espceially with my friends. That is where I get some of my biggest laughs!

Since we got back from camp on Friday...I have had very little sleep!!! I have worked too many hours in the past 48 hours and well...I'm tired.

Lukus starts football tomorrow. He is a South Tulsa Raider (Silver) His jersey number is #13. Look for updates on this. It's supposedto be 105 degrees.

Chad goes back to see his doctor tomorrow for a complete body scan. I will not be going with him as I go to visit my doctor again regarding my eating disorder. We'll see if either of us are making headway.

We're school shopping tomorrow. I love that Ian gets to wear uniforms. It makes shopping so much easier.

Today I loved seeing the kids from camp at church. I had one girl come and ask me if I could do her hair every week before church. I laughed.

I received a DVD today from Jack that made me cry!

I can't wait for WEDNESDAY!!!! I go to my first orientation for the RT program. My work has been very supportive in this switch and they have really given me may tips to be successful. I am excited that my friend Casey got in with me too. Only 25 accepted .....and I am one of them!!!

So that's my randomness. Have you had a random week?

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