Friday, August 29, 2008

Election Day! (Updated)

Today is election day for the Student Council and Red Cross at Key Elementary.
Emilie is one of very few 3rd graders running for office. She is running for Red Cross Treasurer.
Normally they don't run until the fourth and fifth grade. But she was determined.
We signed all the proper paperwork last week, got campaign posters made for the school, and well, the rest is up to her.
This morning I was not able to be present for her campaign speech in front of the school but Chad said she did very well and was not nervous at all.
We won't find out the winner until 2:30 stay tuned!
I asked her this morning as I was fixing her hair:
"What will you do if you don't win" and she says
"I will be happy with the person that does win....and offer to be their assistant!"

Wow! Wonder who she gets THAT from! ;o)

She's always willing to pose!!!

Okay....Now she is all business!!!

I love at this age, kids are NOT afraid to get in front of an audience and speak on a mic!

Whew!!! That's what do I do with this speech???

Emilie Won!!! She is now the Red Cross Treasurer! They were so proud of her since she is so young! Now...she says..."I get to play with the money" YEAH GIRL!!!!

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