Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Stuff

Lukus was to start Football practice today. The coach cancelled practice due to the extreme heat. Happy parents!!! Sad little players!

Today we got some school shopping out of the way. Still happy Ian wears uniforms. That is such a blessing.

I miss cooking from scratch. I've gotten use to the freezer section at the store since I've been in school. Can I say that's been 3 years!!! I am ready to get back to making a huge mess in the kitchen and everyone loving my food. Quick and easy is not always best. Today I made a cake. That makes me happy.

Chad's doctor appointment went very well. Has two spots on his back they are still watching for growth but overall, he is cancer free!!!! YAY!!!

My doctor's appointment was just okay.

Got all the laundry caught up today and put away. Started a plan for packing things away and getting the house ready to sell.

Talked to an old friend today and going to visit him in a couple of weeks. VERY EXCITED!!! ;o) (he's not old....and actually...I'm older...I think...but we're old friends)

Got my schedule set for the month of August and part of September now. It's okay. Not ideal....but I have to think financially at this point.

Spent a little bit of time today going around to some computer shops and pawn shops. Today was my last day to do that. I will not look any further at this this point. What's gone is gone....and we must move on.

Even with all of this, I still managed to squeeze in a nap!!! ;o)

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