Friday, August 22, 2008

Memory Lane

Let's just take a walk down the lane!
Over the years I had many musical capablilities. This was in the 8th grade at our winger concert.

Ah!!! 1982 Tulsa State Fair. That year I rode "Pride" in both English and Western competitions. I can tell you that just by the clothing alone, I loved the Western division the most. But did well in both.

Oh are some senior pics! Now I would like you to know 2 things here:
#1.....I made that outfit all by myself.
#2.....The shirt....IS ORANGE!
Don't senior year, I had planned to go to OSU and major in Secondary Education. ( world changed)

Graduation! I had mono on this day and was having trouble even walking let alone standing and smiling for a picture.


Chad said...

In 8th grade you played at a Winger concert...that is awesome. Man that band rocked!!!!!

Did you mean to say "winter"....

Brenda said...

ha! That's really funny! I thought I changed that....but no...I'm going to leave it because it's too funny.