Thursday, August 07, 2008

Could use a prayer Thursday!

Probably could use a prayer everyday I guess. ;o)

My schedule today looks so hectic and that creates added pressure on top of everything else. But with God...all things are possible!

Ian has his 7th grade orientation early this morning. That always creates some anxiety for him as he doesn't know what to expect. It's hard as a parent to prepare his mind when I don't know what to expect. But I pray that God will give him peace and comfort so he feels at ease about the situation.

Ian is fasting last night and this morning. He has to go and have some blood work done as well as some x-rays this morning. The doctor is concerned that Ian has stopped growing at a normal rate. Today we see the specialist who will help us determine if he has indeed stopped. I personally don't think he has, but when I look at the facts on his chart, those are more convincing. Ian has high anxiety toward needles and especially seeing his own blood. It's been a few years since we've had to go through this and I know he is already dreading this morning. I pray that God take away his anxiety! (because he can't even take his medication this morning!!!)

By 1:00 we have the contractor coming over to give us a whole host of estimates on things that need to be fixed around the house before we put it up for sale. I am eager to get the work finished so we can move out and move on. Going through the house the past few days I have been able to throw away 9 bags of items not needed and put together 6 huge bags of clothing for the Goodwill. I'm on a mission!

Tonight Lukus has his last football practice before his first pre-season scrimmage against Union on Saturday. I'm so excited for him. He is doing very well for his first week. Looks like on Saturday he will be playing "corner back". His job is to be quick and to cover the wide receiver on the offense. His big job is to tackle runners and intercept passes which he is VERY good at!!! Last night he kept his eye on the ball and I was shocked when I saw him take down the running back. I've decided that Lukus may have some frustration that he is taking out at football practice! This boy is NOT afraid of getting hurt....nor is he afraid of hurting anyone else. I watch with disbelief.

I've been very excited to go to practice as Zane signed up his son Dawson to play for the Raiders as well. Just on a younger team. It's fun to watch him coach his son through this. It reminds me of when we were growing up. And we get to spend more time hanging out together and having some great laughs.
So all in all....I've really been enjoying football practice. I've found 3 moms that I already know on the team and that too has made it so much fun.

So, my day is planned and guess I better go watch the sunrise so I can move on with my day. That's always the favorite part of my day.


Chad said...

you are an awesome mother...and a wonderful wife. Now if you could do a better job at making the bed, you would be perfect.

love you....chad

Brenda said...

ha! That was funny! ;o) If someone wasn't laying it when I'm trying to make there wouldn't be a problem! ;o) And my side looked crisp!!!

Love you sweetie!
(Now...go and blog)

Hannah said... guys are so cute!

Brenda, u've been an awesome friend to me. I understand that ur going through a lot right now.(I wish there was something i could do to help.)But I just wanted to let u know that u'll b in my prayers.
love ya.