Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sacrifice and Prayers

I need to sacrifice!

1 year, 1 month, and 14 days ago I sacrificed my Sunday mornings at church so that I could pursue my career at St. Francis. I feel I have done my duty. But one problem, I've gotten use to the money that I am making now and I think I like it.

Things happen when you start to store up these treasures on earth. God really seems to put you in your place. He weighs heavily on my heart.

In talking it over with Chad today, I really am ready to make a change in my status at work. I'm ready to become just an "on call" employee rather than making a weekly salary. The loss of money would mean a cut back of things at home and more hours at work for Chad.

Cable would be completely gone, Cell phone would be taken to a minimum, Internet service would have to change, just basic stuff like that. Honestly, it doesn't sound that bad to me. I like it for my kids, but maybe my kids need a change too. Maybe they need to learn at a young age the price of sacrifice.

I think God makes me okay with these things because He knows I long to come back and worship Him with the church. I miss it terribly.

If you read this, please pray that God tells me when the right time to do this is. I have a time frame that I would like it done, but I want to follow His plan.

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craig said...

Brenda, I will pray for you. I was on salary too and had to work on Sundays. At the time it was convenient because I was struggling with some church issues. which were really my issues. Anyway, when I was ready to come back I had to go hourly. It's a huge pay cut. Laughingly huge. But I need to go to church more. Amy,is able to compensate for the difference - for now. But I know God wants me to be the provider. Pray for me too. I need to find something to do wherein I can provide, go to church and that i like. and thanks for stopping by my blog too.