Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Boys will be boys!!!

Well this day was coming!

Tonight Chad and I decided to go to bed early. Everyone went upstairs and the kids were all hanging out in Ian's room watching TV. So we went onto bed.

As we're laying here watching the end of a show, all of the sudden, out of no where, Lukus pops up on my side of the bed with the total intent to scare me. He made a noise with his voice that sounded like something out of the movie SIGNS! I swear I had just seen Chucky rise up beside my bed.

I didn't scream, but I jumped pretty high off the bed. I didn't know if I should deck him, yell at him or laugh. So I did what the normal parent does. I pretended to be angry and told him to go to his room. After that, I laughed hysterically for the past 45 minutes. So much that I even have a nose bleed, chest pain, lots of tears, and ear pain. I think I busted some blood vessels laughing so hard.

Now...even though...this IS NOT funny for a really was pretty funny. I never let Lukus know I was laughing, but Chad and I had a great laugh tonight.
I am SURE....just totally SURE that this is one of those stories Lukus will share when we are older..."Hey...remember when I scared mom?"

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Shane Coffman said...

He, he. Yes, boy will be boys, but lets hope you don't leave that picture of Chuckie at the top of your web page for too terribly long, or we'll all start having nightmares...