Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day....

Today we had a lot of FIRST going on in this family.

It was the first day back to school for everyone. Including me. And you'll want to read to the end of this!

First my first day or week we should say. I have 2 online courses and 2 on campus. Of course, can't be just one is SOUTHEAST and the other is METRO! Yikes! Another first for me is that one of my classes is at night. That's a little weird being downtown late. But it's not too late. I don't really like the class because it's LOTS OF MATH! Ugh. Any tutors out there...feel free to come my direction.
I started my 2 online classes this morning. They were okay but seemed a bit overwhelming.
My last class is a fun one...vocal music and it's Thursday. I'm excited for it...but nervous too.

Beginning with the youngest....Emilie started 2nd grade today. She did very well. She loved it and said "Mom...this is SOOOO easy". The teacher said that she might make Emilie her helper in class. I think that is a huge compliment. However, there are some days I don't think we need to boost her ego anymore. She's already a little DIVA!

Lukus began 4th grade today and thinks he is top dawg!!!
He loves his teacher and said she was so much fun and made him laugh all day. I think he will really enjoy her class. He was excited because this teacher will let you chew gum in her classroom.

Ian...oh boy! Ian. He started his first year of MIDDLE SCHOOL. I don't know who was more or him!
This is always good news, but it's even better news to say that he is NOT in any special education classes. He is in regular classes, with regular cirriculum, and regular rules. No special treatment and he did well.
I was a bit nervous knowing he would have to get all over this school all day and he only had 5 minutes between classes. He was given an additional 5 minutes in case he would need it but he threw it away. When he got home, I asked him what happened to it and he said "I didn't want it. I was able to get everywhere ontime and had no problems" He was SOOOOO proud and so was I.

My tummy was in knots all day and it was not even necessary.

I praise God so much for all He has done. I know today was just the first day but I don't underestimate our God. He can help us get through this entire year! Just like He did today!

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