Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's gettin' tough now!

I'm studying for quiz that I have tomorrow on the pelvic girdle...aka...hip bones!

Can't we just call it hip bones? Sheesh! I have to know every little bump and groove in the bones and well...I don't think there is a lot of meaning to the names that were given. HUMMM.

So I sit here and take a break!

I got my certificate today saying I made the Presidents Honor Roll! Yay! That really excites me!

A COOL thing about my anatomy class is this! Last week I looked over and saw a girl I thought I knew. Now...since I changed campus' this semester, I didn't think that was likely to happen. However, I didn't know her from school, I knew her from church! was Ashley Webb.

I didn't know if she remembered me so I went over after class to re-introduce myself. But she remembered. It's nice to know someone else in the class. Especially since this is a hard class. She is also a nursing major and working on her pre-reqs.

God just continues to show me just how small the world is everyday. I'm always running into people and that's pretty cool. I'm happy to share in the kingdom as well as anatomy class with Ashley. I think it's pretty awesome stuff!

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