Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Day 3...when will it end?

Already the snow is falling again here in Tulsa. It seems like this stuff is never going to go away. School is out again tomorrow...and we should just will be out all week! Another winter storm is supposed to hit on Saturday & Sunday.

Prayers needed:
Chad just called as he fell at work and hit the back of his head. He thinks he will be okay...but will probably have a good knot and a nice headache. He was walking back to his truck from a drop off (FedEX) and almost got to the truck and his feet slipped out from under him.

I'm starting to find bruises on me in places I didn't realize I hit. I look like I have a goatee from the road rash. The lip looks worse but is feeling a little better. My head hurts tremendously as well as my shoulder still.

And several people have asked for an updated picture. So I'll send one so I can gain all the sympathy I can get! Normally....Nobody would EVER SEE ME LIKE THIS! But here is me and the one I was trying to save!


Anonymous said...

SCHOOL IS OUT AGAIN TOMORROW? Oh the humanity...and this picture of you looks terrible! Now I have to read your last blog and see what the heck happened to you.

Shane Coffman said...

Aww, Chad had that much sympathy for you. How sweet.

Emilie looks so grateful. Really.

Mikel said...

Brenda! I am worried about you! Are you going to be okay?

Brenda said...

Mikel! I'm not sure...maybe I need another visit from you!!! ;o)
No...You would make me laugh WAY too hard with the whole Bibleopoly and Mr.Rogers making pottery then I'd bust everything back open!
Eventually I'll be okay...just for now...this really stinks!