Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What's more important??

Ian is so fixated on the earth, space, asteroids, and meteors.

This morning on the way to school he was talking non stop about a science magazine he read and how a meteor is going to hit the earth in the next few years. He proceeds to tell me how they are doing everything possible to divert the direction of this meteor so that it will save the earth.

As I listened to him go on and on about this in a rapid speech pattern, I started wondering....."Does he know that Jesus will come to save us?"

So I decided to ask him.

Me: "Do you know what it says in the Bible about the last days?"
Ian: "I know God said He would never flood the earth again, but I've seen a lot of rain."
Me: "So how will we know when the last day is?"
Ian: "The meteor will hit"
Me: "Is that what it says in the Bible?"
Lukus: "No...Jesus will come back as a thief!"
Lukus: " says he will be a thief at night!"

I quickly corrected that statement as we were getting off track. So we start again with the discussion of what the Bible says and not the National Geographic Science magazine says. I'm not real sure that we got to the point as I was quickly directed back to the meteors and space talk, but it is always interesting to hear how the kids view things! Hummm....wonder what our dinner topic will be tonight!!!


Velcro said...

I think thoughts like that are safe for young ones. I used to be really into Isaac Asimov and his Black Hole theories... but ultimately all of those doomsday, end of the world things don't bother me, because I know Christ is coming back for me.

Velcro said...

It is interesting that some of those apocalyptic prophecies in Revelation could be something like an asteroid or something else to that affect.