Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today was the final meeting (for now) on the IEP process. Still it was a little emotional for me by the time I left. I guess I'm glad that I learned to hide my feelings during situations such as these. I believe that Ian will start receiveing official services beginning tomorrow.
I was a bit discouraged to hear the principal asking me if I would object to holding back Ian AGAIN!!! As this thought did not settle well with me, it is something I must consider. I just wonder how many times they will want to hold him back over the years. He may not graduate until he is 30!!!

We started OT at Therapy Concepts and I was quite impressed. Ian left feeling very good and was quite happy so that was very refreshing. I loved the team of PT's and OT's there. They seemed to work very well with Ian. For now, he will go two days a week and we will be taught the things that work best for him at home.

At school I'm coming up on my first series of test. I have taken lots of quizzes this semester...and...not to toot my own horn or anything, but I've made a perfect score on every one! Yay! I need all the extra points I can get! I'm more excited this semester about school that I was in the last semester. I only have one more pre-req that I will take this summer and by God's grace, I will get in the program this fall! Then only 4 more semesters left! UGH!!!

I've fallen behind on my bible study over the past week and a half and I've been trying to catch up. Sometimes, I just don't know what to study anymore. Someday's it's very clear and others are truly an act of God.


heather said...

I love you so much. I am excited about the OT and PT - that is one thing that we just have not done and from what I am learning it is such a significant part of the process. I remember when we implemented one PT thing someone taught us - Eli will still come and ask for it - or will use it when he's overloaded. I don't get it - but I get that it works, so I use it!
But seriously, lay off on the perfect test scores, woman. Give yourself a break. You're making my head spin. :-)

I love you so deeply, friend.

Brenda said...

Hey Heather!!! ;o)
I was quite surprised that he really LOVED going to Therapy Concepts today. And I loved all the staff. He can't wait to go back and I'm excited about that. He will go 2 days a week for right now and then we'll think about the future. But they really enjoyed him and look forward to his future. Good news!