Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another day...another semester

Tomorrow I start another semester tomorrow. I am normally really nervous and worried....but I'm actually excited to start classes again.

Last semester was really rough for me emotionally at school and at home so I think I am just ready to get the ball rolling again. The classes get a little more difficult each semester, but again, I think I will be okay this semester. I guess it's normal to go through periods of burnout and growing weary of this whole school thing. If I loved it 100% of the time I would probably not be a normal.

So I'm home tonight ready for a good nights sleep and back to my normal routine tomorrow.

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Jeanne said...

Best wishes on on your first day of school. I love first days! That's one of the best things about education - you get to start over twice a school year! You'll do great! Just take a deep breath and remember that He controls your destiny! You are an amazing nurse, I love to hear your stories because everyone should have Jesus as their nurse and you make that possible! love ya!