Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Join me in praising!

Yesterday Ian came home in the best mood! As a matter of fact, he went to school in the best mood! He even told me he loved me as he got out of the car this time.

The car conversation yesterday:

Ian: Mom...I was REALLY good today.
Me: Really? I'm so proud of you!
Ian: Mom...seriously, this is good news.
Me: Yes Ian! It is really good news.
Ian: Did my teacher e-mail you and tell you?
Me: Not yet, but I'm sure she will! Did she tell you how good you were?
Ian: Yes she did!
Me: How did that make you feel?
Ian: It felt great! I want to have another good day tomorrow!
The teacher never did e-mail yesterday and confirm this good news. However, this afternoon, she sent me an e-mail that said Ian has now had 2 really good days and is showing improvement in his work!

Praise God this is the best news I have heard this year and the IEP has not even started yet!!!


Theresa said...

I am jumping up and down excited!!!! :D

Jeanne said...

Along with Theresa, I am doing the "happy dance!" Don't ever give up, God gives everyone something to offer the world when the world is willing to look for it. Perhaps some of the people in Ian's world (including Ian, himself) are just beginning to discover what his Momma and God knew was there all along! I'm thrilled for both of you!