Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Kids prayers are too cute!

Each night for dinner we've been allowing the kids to choose what we have for dinner. It's been going well as I don't have to plan the menu anymore. The kids are loving it and run to the calendar each day wondering if it is going to be their day.

If it is their day, they are required to help set the table, prepare the meal in whatever way I can find for them, and then clean up as well. We also have a book called "Devotions for Young Readers" and if it is their night, they get to pick the story and read it at the table for everyone else and ask the questions at the end. So far they have really enjoyed it. Last night we learned about Samuel and how he listened to God.

It was interesting for me to learn that the kids only think that God can year you when you are praying. Lukus says: "He doesn't hear you unless you say..'Dear God'."
We quickly clarified that.

The other neat part of dinner is that the kids seriously fight over who gets to say the prayer. This is not something that is a normal routine for us so I was surprised by the kids willingness to do it. God is amazing!

Another thing we are not use to us praying with our kids before they go to bed. I've never been a good "tuck in" mom. I tuck the kids in and then they get out of bed so I gave up long ago. This pretty much left the kids going to bed for years on their own. This is something I've been trying to get better at.
Last night, I was putting the kids to bed and was going around praying with all of them one at a time. Lukus would do it if I went first. Ian wanted only me to pray. Emilie wanted to pray for a really long time. So by the time Emilie was praying for her hair to be highlighted....I was saying "Okay....amen" as we giggled together. She said "Can't I ask God for that?"
I said "Yes, you can ask God for anything you want."
She said "Yeah...he's like Santa. He'll give you what you want if you pray really hard."

I think we need to work on our value of prayer! ;o)

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