Monday, October 15, 2007

How random can you get?

I just finished working the strangest weekend I have ever worked. Not necessarily because of "what" I did but "how long" I worked. I worked a total of 38.5 hours in 48 hours. That does not provide enough sleep at all. There's a tremendous need in the medical profession and well, I am a part of that need. I'm happy to do it, but I don't ever want to work like that again.

There is a strange thing about sleep deprivation. You start to see things that are not there, your entire body aches and well, you're just not yourself. When talking to Theresa last night, she would tell me that the things I have been saying are so random. I know I didn't make any sense at all and then when I tried, well, it just got worse. It will take me a few days to catch up on my sleep and get back to normal.

So my countdown is now in the teens. I can't wait! I'll be sad to not be with my work family every weekend, but not enough that I am willing to give up anymore time at church.

Over the past week I have received 13 letters from Universities awaiting my transfer to their college for me to complete my BSN and MSN. It's helped so much being part of the honor society. So today was my 13th letter and here are the places that have called: University of Texas at Tyler
University of Pheonix
University of Southern Alabama
University of Oklahoma
University of Southern Mississippi
Oklahoma Baptist University
Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma Weslleyan University
St. Xavier University in Illinois
Walden University in Baltimore
Vanderbuilt University
Philadelphia University
Texas A&M in Corpus Christi
I also received 2 strange calls! One from the Army and one from the Marines! When they asked me why I wouldn't consider a medical career with them, I said, I'm too old, too tired and have too many kids. I think I've already been through bootcamp!

So, I'll give you one opportunity to guess which University I will choose! There si one I would really like to go to...and then one I will be going to! Anyone care to take a guess at those two?


Theresa said...


Shane Coffman said...

Break out the ORANGE!

Brenda said...

That's one answer....THE WRONG ANSWER!!!!!

I think both of you may have to be banned from my blog for that one! ;o)