Thursday, October 11, 2007

Do you have extra in your life?

Yesterday, my mom asked me if I had any extra backpacks laying around. I thought of one and told her I would send it to school tomorrow. She has a little boy in the class who is bringing one that is torn and well, just not even fit for a child to carry around. She could go buy one, but she knows me well enough that I probably have extra.
When we were walking out of school, I told Lukus there is a boy in need of one and we're going to give him one of ours.
To my surprise.....Lukus said: "Here mom, I'll take my stuff out of this one and the boy can have mine"
My heart was overjoyed! This is my boy!

So this got me thinking. Christmas is coming up. So I asked the kids yesterday,
"If you could have one gift, and one only for Christmas, and nothing else...would you be happy?"
Now, it took a couple of moments and thoughts in their heads but I went on....

"I am thinking about not giving gifts at all this year and just going and helping the poor...finding a homless him a blanket...taking them gloves, hats, even food....what do you guys think?"

Well...the wheels started turning in their minds and they started coming up with all the things they could do.

Emilie said: Do you think we could ask people to donate some blankets, or even the gloves or hats?

Lukus said: Why don't we just take our blankets and give them away?

Ian said: I can get any gift I want??? (Okay..he was still off subject...but I knew his heart was there)

So, we're looking at taking our kids downtown and to the places in Tulsa where people don't want to go and give them something at christmas to put a smile on their face and make their day. It won't be we don't have much, but we have a lot...and knowing my kids want to be givers instead of takers, touches my heart!!!

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