Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First phase of testing is underway....

It was an exhausting day of testing for Ian...as well as me. But I can only imagine that his brain was in overload this afternoon. He came home complaining of a terrible headache. I can only imagine.

I was comforted in speaking to the doctor today that there is hope. Hope that we will finally...after 11 years...make a firm diagnosis on Ian. Not that there will be only one...but could be several firm ones.

She gave me a ton of homework to do and I was eager to get started. As I got into the first hour of it, I was already exhausted. The information I had to recall and the things I had to write down on paper were not encouraging at all. I started to get discouraged. But I kept going and finished all of it in time to turn it back in before we left. She said..."Oh wow! You get a gold star for completing it today" and I said "You have no idea how eager I am to get this done".

However, she confirmed that there is no way we can just do this in 2 appointments. It's impossible for him to complete it. So we will be making several trips.

She gave me a couple of things we are possibly looking at and I won't say them until we have a firm diagnosis. I hope to know something before Christmas. I won't say that it doesn't hurt, because it does. Everyone wants the best for their child...the perfect child...well...I have a perfect child!
I just have to come to the realization that Ian will always be a special child in more ways than one. He will always have special needs...we will just have to accommodate him. The hard part for me will be asking others to make special accommodations for him.
God makes everyone special but He made him extra special just for us. We just have to find ways to make life a little more special for him so he can enjoy life to the fullest.

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Catch The Fever said...

He truly is a special treasure from God.