Monday, November 27, 2006

Another day of testing....

I'll shre some of my favorite Theresa pics as well. FAB job my friend!

This weekend was just a bit exhausting at work so today I am really tired. Yet...I continue to get up at 5:30am. Not sure exactly why....just routine. There's no such thing as sleeping in for me. ;o) But I enjoy the mornings and the quiet time I get to have my devotinals.

Today is our second round of testing for Ian. I know selfishly I would just like to walk in today and hear "no need....we have a diagnosis" but I know it doesn't come that easy. These test make the day SO LONG but I can rest in comfort knowing that today is the LAST of the longest days of testing. Anything after this will be short moments of testing. I look forward to when I can blog about something more solid.

Emilie has her last Orthopedic appointment today to see how the new growth on her arm has healed.I'm so excited that her arm is doing better.

Finals are coming up and I'm a bit nervous. It seems sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to study for it and then I wonder if I can retain all fo the information. No wonder I have migrains huh? Ha!

So I'm off for the day...excited for all the wonderful possibilites that God has lined up for me. Could be just another day...but truly, that statement doesn't exist for me. ;o)

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Theresa said...

I want to re-do your family pics soooo bad! I have so many ideas!!! :)

Love ya!