Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Upon moving into our house we noticed we didn't have a mailbox. We let that go a couple of days. We asked a few neighbors and they said the HOA would put it up once we moved in. The first one if free, but if we run over it or break it, we pay for the next one. Yesterday, I found out that the post office was returning all of our mail because of no mailbox in front.

I've tried over and over to get in contact with the HOA but have failed.

Today, I got a call from the president of the HOA and she told me I was given the wrong information.

The builder was supposed to put up the mailbox.

I guess since the builder went bankrupt, well....He failed to put one in. So now we have to fork over the $250.00 to get one.

I just laughed. She laughed with me. I wasn't really wanting her to laugh with me....but we were both laughing. I'm sure mine was a "different" laugh than hers.

So, in my own dave ramsey fashion, I refuse to go to Tulsa to purchase one. I have googled them and found them as low as $100.00 and with chad working for FedEx...well...shipping is minimal.

SO....there....is my mailbox story.

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Linda L said...

Yay! Dave would be so proud!