Monday, May 04, 2009

Day 3

Today we went up to Owasso to meet with the realtor of the house we want to purchase. Once again, we went through stacks and stacks of paperwork signing everything in hopes that tomorrow morning at 9am, the bank will say "yes".

She was very positive, but like us, she has no clue what is going on. She is trusting God and living by faith that all of this will work out for the best. I love that she is totally on our side and is looking our for our best interest. She has almost become like family to us lately. Most of all, she doesn't want to see us left without anywhere to go at the end of the month. Neither do we!

We have had to start preparing our current home for inspection. That will be Tuesday morning at 9am. Man! It's all happening so fast. You look at your house and think nothing is wrong, but in reality, you know those inspectors look in every little spot they can to find out if everything is okay. I pray that all the work and updates that we've done over the years have paid off and that they only find minimal things to fix. It's an older home, so I am sure there is something.

Trying to stay positive about all of this was a bit easier today. Probably because I had so much else going on. This is a busy week. I am praying that God takes the pain away from my kidney infection and that he helps me through the finals and that he gives me the patience to wait and not worry but to trust Him fully!

I know I do! But I just have to keep reminding myself.


Linda L said...

I'll be praying that everything goes well with your inspection tomorrow. And that the water pipes will be quiet! If there is ANYTHING Rick can do to help PLEASE call us! Love you guys...

Brenda said...

Thanks Linda. So far so good on the plumbing. But we'll know more tomorrow.

So...NOTE TO SELF: Don't type a blog while sleepy and on hydrocodone. WOW.....I have no idea what happened to some of those thoughts! But I fixed them. LOL!