Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Day 4, Monday 5-4-09

Wow! Monday was a very long day. Good, but LONG! :o)

The inspection is Tuesday morning. We had lots to do. It's amazing how when you really want to sell something how quickly you can get moving. There are things we had not done in 7 years that we were able to accomplish all in one day. On top of the fact that I had a final and had to have time to study as well. Let's just say the day was very productive.

We were supposed to hear from the bank in Owasso, but did not. That's been their normal behavior level for us so we were not surprised. Seems that if we really want something from them, we have to initiate everything. They are in no hurry to help. But I was in no hurry to call either. I want an answer, but there are bigger things to get accomplished here instead of us getting upset with them. They will call....when they call. Because....eventually.....they have to call. Not a big deal.

The stress level since Saturday has been one that is full of ups and downs. The neat part is to see how we have handled it all. We have our tense moments, but all in all, the days and nights have been very good. That's a huge changed from 10 years ago for us. It funny how the older you get, the quicker you get over silly little things. We had a fun time laughing about that yesterday. Even in the midst of disagreeing.

Seems worrying about the inspection became less today. We came down to some final conclusions. If the inspection doesn't passes to the buyer's liking.....then we just got a free inspection on what needs to be done to the house and we are out NOTHING! Other than what we have spent to fix things here and there. But if we have to stay here, then fine. We still have a home to live in and we will continue doing so. No worries. This is not a mountain we can't climb. This is an easy one. A no brainer! It could be successful. It could be disappointing. And this may not be the right buyer, and the house in Owasso may not be for us. Only God knows what it is that we need to do and I feel very confident that HE is standing right beside us helping us through it. I LOVE THAT!!!

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