Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Bummer 5-5-09

Tentative results of the inspection revealed a couple of things. The house needs 4 piers and some termite repair. Just when I thought that I got things settled with the Owasso bank this afternoon, then we were hit with that. Boy, wasn't quite sure what to do with that information. As I explained to the realtor, this may be the end of the road for us. We do not have that kind of money, nor do we have the resources to get it fixed. We may just have to stay here for a while. A long while.

But I can tell you this, I'm letting it go. Letting God do whatever it is He needs to do in us. The next 48 hours I am not thinking about this at all. I have too much on my plate and I don't feel well. Yes it's disappointing, but I have learned to live with many of those in life. This won't be my first, or my last I'm sure.
I lift my hands at this point and give it to Him.

He knows what to do and I trust in him completely.

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Amy Paden said...

Been praying for you, and will continue to pray especially for strength to make it through your last few tests.