Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Day 5, Tuesday 5-5-09

Inspection Day!

We did all we could do to get the house prepared. Probably more than enough, but guess they will just have to realize that it's an older home. We'll see what they say.

We left about 8:30 this morning and went and had breakfast at Ihop. Not my favorite, but certainly is Chad's favorite. What that boy will do for an omelet!! We couldn't come home for a few hours so we decided to go grocery shopping. We drove by afterwards to still see an entire host of cars at our house. Windows open, garage open, doors open, and it just gave me a very sick feeling knowing so many people were in our house without us there. BUT....that's the nature of this.
They weren't finished so we decided to take the drive to Owasso again.

Driving by the house we would love to have was difficult. We would love to be there, but there are many factors still in the way. The final sale of this house, and the acceptance and approval of loan and contract for the new one. At this point, we still have not heard from the bank.

But...we did hear from the Owasso Realtor and well....it was good news...and not so good news. Basically it breaks down to this.....$1000.00 in fees stands between us and getting the house. We explained to her our situation and that at this point, we do not have another $1000.00 to contribute. If that is what they need, then we will have to let the house go. As difficult as it was to get those words out, it felt good to be able to be honest and not go searching for the money anywhere else. We have what we have, and are not willing to go into debt to make this happen. We want to trust God completely in this transaction.

We gave the guy who is buying our house an amazing deal so that he could start fresh. He is young, engaged to be married, and this would be their first house together. I think that's kinda sweet. But he couldn't afford anymore so we decided to help him out. Well, in doing that, it has possibly caused us to lose the house in Owasso.

Sometimes when we do things for others, we end up sacrificing something we truly love. We had no idea at the time that things would go this way with the Owasso house, but we are content with the decision we made on this one. We want someone to buy it and be happy with it. It's time for us to move on for many reasons. But it feels really good to be able to help someone else out.....just as we were when we first got married.

Next....we wait for a final answer from the bank in Owasso and we are waiting this week to hear how our inspection went. Everything at this point is resting completely on those two things.

Me....I'm totally resting in the arms of God knowing I am completely taken care of!

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Linda L said...

Brenda, I'm praying that God will bless you for be willing to sacrifice something that you love so much to help someone else achieve their dream. It is SO hard to make those decisions sometimes, I know from experience, but I'm hoping that the bank will come to their senses and give you guys a break!!