Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Day 6 Wednesday 5-6-09

After the news we heard yesterday on the inspection, we decided it was in our best interest to put it all to the side for the next 48 hours. It has been such a relief to not think about it today. I'm still feeling pretty bad but I knocked one more final out this morning and my last one is tomorrow. I will tackle bigger things beginning on Friday.

We are really in deep prayer about this right now. We are trying so hard to hear God's message in this. The hard part in this is that the message is not what we wanted to hear. It may not be the right time to move right now. It may not be the right time for a change. It may not be in our best interest. Who knows. It's all a guess for us right now and before we react to anything, we want to firmly believe that we are basing our decisions on our total trust and faith in the Lord.

We may not get the house we want and that's okay. God may have bigger and better plans for our future. We will wait for His answer.

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Lindsay said...

I love seeing your faith as you walk through this. Just listening to you talk about it, I can hear the trust that you have in Him. He will be faithful to you. I love you and am praying that His perfect Will will be revealed in His perfect time.