Saturday, July 04, 2009

Friends forever

This week has been one of pure excitement for me as we just wrapped up the night at Lipscomb Summer Celebration and Acafest. I have waited for this week for so long....and for many reasons. For one reason, I get a chance to get away with some great people from our church and enjoy being in their presence while they serve and worship God. It's such an honor to be around them. Secondly, this year brought back many friends for me to see and many of them are so dear and close to my heart. It's amazing how the years can but a distance between people, but when we got together tonight, it's like nothing had ever changed. It was difficult because I couldn't spend time with each and everyone of them as I would have liked. But looking into their eyes, giving them a big hug, and letting them know I still love them is all we needed to say.

I am so blessed to have many many friends in my life. I don't like to make enemies. I feel like one of the luckiest people on this earth to be surrounded by such great Godly people who at times, know me better than I know myself.

Today has been one of the most incredible days I've had in.....well....I don't know how long. I have laughed! I have cried! I have hugged and received hugs. I have been surrounded by life long friends that I can't imagine life without. I love them all.

I learned so much more than that this weekend, but it sure was the highlight for me.

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