Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why question the obvious?

Today is day #4 of no pain in my back. I want to add "at all" to the end of that sentence, but can't quite do that yet.

I have been able to sleep with no pain, work with no pain, walk with no pain, hug with no pain, and smile with no pain. This makes me so happy!!!

I haven't seen the results to my CT scan yet and won't see them until I get back from Nashville. I've prayed and prayed, along with others, that I would be relieved of pain. That prayer, has been answered.

The only time I notice it is when I've been sitting for a long period of time and need to stretch. My own medical conclusion to that is a muscular problem, not a spinal problem.

I'm not concluding that there isn't a fracture in L5 when in fact I saw it is possible that the fracture has been there much longer than I have been hurting. It may be possible that I pulled a muscle (which takes 4-6 weeks to heal) while moving 4 weeks ago and it brought enough attention for me to get it checked out. While doing so, they found the fracture. But.....the fracture may not be a problem. Hummmm. (I think I should go into the medical field or something! :o)

But the obvious thing I know is this.....we prayed, over and over and over, and God answered. It has been so nice to be pain free these past few days without any help from medication at all. All I needed was to rely on the ultimate healer, and let Him do His work in me.

Yep! That's my God!


Lindsay said...

This post makes me smile. See: ;-)I'm so glad you're not hurting! God is so good!

Love you, friend!

Terry Rush said...


Hannah said...

Ah, the power of prayer. I admire ur faith...God is so good! I'm so excited you're not hurting...I pray that it remains such. Have fun in Nashville...keep us updated. love you!