Thursday, July 09, 2009

Baptized by the vegetable sprayer.......

Today was a very interesting day to say the least!

I went to the building to do my weekly duty at the church. This is a moment where I love to visit with staff, cleaning crew, and then close the doors and embrace the moment between me and God and whatever music I choose for that day. today....I embrace the peace and quite as everyone was gone and just be with God.

Normally when I am there, I am startled by the quick surprise of some expecting person walking through the door. I've also had some think it's quite humorous to sneak behind me and wait til I turn around....again...scary. There are even those days that some sneak in, hide behind the counter, I'm sure snicker at my singing ability, and then eventually crawl around and grab my leg. WHO KNEW these things went on....when it's just me and God. Sheesh! takes the cake!!!!

My job has been completed! But I find 1 spot that needs to be washed off. I proceed to the sink. I thought I heard a noise behind me so I turned around. My right hand is sitting on the faucet as I proceed to turn it on. Now...I'm still looking over my left shoulder and all of the sudden wonder...."WHY IS MY SHIRT SOAKING WET????"

I react fast! I turn the water off, but it's not fast enough. I am soaked! Soaked to the bone! I have been baptized by the vegetable sprayer that was so beautifully strapped down with a rubber band. Now, I am there every Thursday about the same time. Using the same sink. Having my moment with God. Someone knew exactly what they were doing. Yet.....I didn't know it was my time. My time to have my sins washed away without my knowledge at all.

I have a suspecting feeling I know the culprit and I love you very much.

Have I mentioned that I believe there will be pranks and payback in Heaven?

Bring it on my friend. Bring it on!


Chad said...

Whoooohoooo....hahahahahhahahahahhahahha...I just pied. I bet it was one of our kids, they talk about doing it all the time.

Terry Rush said...

And little Missy, aren't you ashamed you thought it was me???? You blamed me???????

When I assured you it wasn't me, you would not believe me?????

Oh I owed you. Now I realllllly owe you!

Brenda said...

Dear Mr. Rush,

I saw this man tonight that I believe to be your double! He was wrongly accused of such an act.

I shall confess.....I entered into judgement against ye!

But as long as you are owing me....let me pass you a plate and just put your offering in there!

Love you my friend! :o)

Hannah said...

Brenda, I too know who the culprit was. I, being so clever and cunning managed to get a confession out of him. Actually, He just flat out told me and hunter cuz he thought it was so funny!! =D
Love ya!

Linda L said...

Just had to comment even though it's 4 days later...I had the same thing happen to me when I used to clean the bldg at WCA many (I won't say HOW many)years ago! It certainly surprised me and I have to admit I didn't find the humor in it at that time! I know some kid must have gotten a kick out of it but I never found out who...