Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Royals Game was a blast!!!!

We had a great time at our first MLB game. It was the Royals vs. Rangers at Kauffman Field in Kansas City. The ending didn't turn out too great for the Royals, but that didn't dampen our spirits at all. We had many moments where we were up out of our seats for something happening on the field. The above picture is a view from our seats in the field box behind the 3rd base dugout. We decided when we go back, we'll try the same area....but at night! It was very hot and very sunny the entire game.

We had hot dogs (courtesy of a great friend) All I can say is "Thanks! Baseball game hotdogs are the best!)

We had to capture this. This man was sitting directly in front of me the entire game. I had to laugh when Emilie came over and said "MOM!!! Can we ask this man if he knows Terry Rush and if he collects his cards?" But she said we had to get a picture of his hat....so we did! :o)

Our usher was so kind. We really liked her. She came by and took our picture at some point during the game. The staff here is very friendly!

We made an attempt to get a family picure at every angle when we got there. This is the best on that turned out. The sun was just too bright for words.


Chad said...

That was a great day and I am so ready to do it again. The drive was quick and easy, and it was amazing how light the traffic was. Now if it wasn't so blazing hot. Thank God for the ball caps and the Cardinals hat turned backwards. Now if that isn't a sign than I don't know what is.

Terry Rush said...

Happy inauguration to the world of MLB. I'm glad the Cardinals were represented in some fashion.

And Emilie....well she has great taste!

I love you today!