Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Today was a very interesting day. I worried myself sick about a test I had this morning. And then worried about a presentation I had to give. I ended up doing okay on both of them. You're right....why worry?

That really set the course for the rest of my day. I was smiles all day today. It was a great feeling.

I came home and Emilie and I started baking goodies to take to some unsuspecting friends. It was so nice to see the smile on their faces as they were so appreciative of the chocolate they were about to eat. :o)

Emilie asked me...."Why are we giving away all the GOOD ones and keeping the ones that turned out ugly?"

I replied....because we are supposed to give away our best.

I'm not sure if she got it or not. She wouldn't let me break out into a biblical story at the time. But what I loved is when she walked up to the doors and gave away her very best that she had made. It warmed my heart so much.


Shane Coffman said...

And thank you for sending some of those treats our way ; )

Terry Rush said...

I sent your kids a card yesterday thanking them for leaving me the brownies....and none for Mary.

Brenda said...

Emilie was so sad she missed you. We saw you driving away as we pulled up. But the kids loved playing with your puppy for a while and they are already asking when can they go back and play again. We had fun with Mary. Sorry we missed you. Love you.