Saturday, July 25, 2009


It is very real. A real fear. Even though.....some may laugh.

It is an intense and persistent fear of ......FISH!

This has been the year for conquering fears for me. Some are big...some are small...some are public...some are private....but nevertheless.....I have been able to conquer 2 so far in 2009 and it has been so freeing. And with each step I make, I find myself wanting to take myself a bit further in conquering other things.

So this a big one. So much that my hands sweat just typing about it.

I am deathly afraid to swim in any body of water that my have another living creature in it. It's terrifying! I have adapted to it, but others find it odd or humorous. Me...not so much. For a long time, it bothered me and I just didn't speak about it. I didn't want to be laughed at or made fun of anymore. So when people went to the lake, I jut made an excuse up so I didn't have to go....or even send my kids. When a news report shows up on TV about the lake....I change the channel. I don't watch shows that involve sharks or oceans. You get the picture.

But this is it! THIS IS THE WEEK. Wednesday is the day that I am fighting against this fear that Satan has put in me.

FEAR: I've always heard this as False Evidence Appearing Real! These are images that we have created within ourselves. I can never remember a time that a fish did anything to me. I've never been bitten. I can't remember even coming close to a fish in the water. EVER! I've probably just watched too many shows about sharks!

Replacement: I am working on replacing the negative images that I have of being at an ocean or lake and putting something positive in its place. If we go to the lake I would love to swim with the kids, have fun on a boat, walk in the water, feel the sand under my feet, have the freedom to play like everyone else.

One of my new favorite quotes is "Thinking breads fear and doing overcomes it."
The more I think about it, the worse it gets. But I have found by just forcing myself to face the fear and just do it makes the outcome so much greater.

I'm tired of missing out on opportunities to have fun and being laughed at. I don't want this to control me anymore. Fear is a scary thing. (no pun intended) The things you allow your mind to dwell on will eventually lead to belief and you acting upon it. Did you know that 90%of things that we are afraid of.....never happen?

I look forward to what will be happening next. What fear I can conquer next. I have more things that I am afraid of.....but not listing.:o)

I will be going with Chad and one of my best friends. Both of them I trust completely with my life in their hands. They don't laugh, they don't make fun, and they totally is time.

Ultimately, the trust falls on me trusting God.


Tammy said...

My hope and prayers are for your success dear one.

I received this thought today: Prayer to God is focusing on what He can do with what I have.

Prayer to satan is focusing on what I have done or cannot do with what I have.

I love you.

musicbeing said...


I don't know anyone else but me who has Ichthyophobia, a fear of fish although I am flat out afraid of all marine life! I can't even look at fish, I get panicked! I can't explain the origin, I remember as early as 5 years old being terrified to even walk past them on the ice at the grocery store.

I will refuse to swim anywhere near fish.