Thursday, July 17, 2008

What changed me???

The "Path189" in my e-mail address comes from a very dark time in my life 6 years ago. Many ask me where that came from. I went through a traning called "Pathway's" and was in the 189th class. That life changing training changed me forever and saved me and my marriage and most of all, it saved my life. Yes!!! Just 6 short years ago, I was contemplaing things that I would not fathom today!!! I do not think I would be here today if God had not led me to a wonderful group of people that were willing to put everything on hold for me and watch me succeed. I left there with a contract on my life that only God could give me. When I am hurting deeply or rejoicing freely, you may see it come up from time to time.

"I am a strong woman with love and power, resting securely in the arms of God"

Today I remain an active part of this organization and will continue to support it forever. I have amazing friends that held my life in their hands as they watched God work through me. I can tell you that during this time, it was the closest spiritual connection I have had with God. I will never return to what I use to be! Here is a video and just a glimpse of what others are saying about Pathway's. Who may be asking me to walk this road with you...and I will say, with open arms "Let's go!"

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