Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Those little signs....are big!

God often gives up little signs in our minds that usually turn into very big ones once you "get it".

I love it when it's a song. At times, I will find myself singing a song and I have no idea why. Have no idea what started it. Sometimes it's for joy and praise, other times, it's for prayer and contemplation. Today I woke with this song in my head:

I need you more;
More than words can say.
I need you more;
More than yesterday.
I need you more;
than ever before.
I need you Lord;
I need you more.

More than the air I breathe;
More than the song I sing.
More than the next heartbeat;
More than anything, and Lord as time goes by;
I'll be by your side.
Cause I never want to go back;
To my old life.

I love how God speaks to me through song!

What song does he speak to you from?


Terry Rush said...


I think God talks to us a lot from songs. I'm not surprised you feel the same. I pray often for others that signals will come to them during their day through a note, a call, a meeting, or a song.

I'm with ya!

I love you today!

Tammy said...

It's hard not to cry during that song...and reading it is the same. Thanks for the cry and the laugh you gave me today!