Saturday, July 12, 2008

Family day today!

Today we celebrated a birthday in our family. I had a really good time with my cousins this afternoon. I like it when I can get together with them and have a "good" time. Today was one of those. You can click on a pic to enlarge...I didn't want to make them big on here.

My niece Asasha was not very happy with me!

My brother....along with everyone else...showing off his OSU flip flops! (he had on OU sunglasses just for the record!!!!)

My Cousin Sarah, My cousin-in-law Yoana, and Me! Yoana is REALLY short! ;o)

Yoana and Me

My Cousin in law Nikki and me

My cousin Kenny and

My Cousin Jeff...and (They look alike don't they) He is REALLY TALL!!!

My Brother Randy....WITH THE OU GLASSES ON! We won't discuss the shoes!

And of course....ME AND CHAD!

So thre we are! That's not everyone, but let's say....THE FUN ONES!

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