Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I really like Paul. He was such a great encourager to his friends. He wanted to make sure that he sent the proper message and proved that Jesus loved them. Sometimes we forget just how much Jesus loves us. It's easy to sing the song, but can we honestly grasp the magnitude of how much love He has for each of us. Paul proves to be the ultimate encourager as he noticed the following things in the Thessalonians.....

You became imitators of us and of the Lord. (1:6)

You welcomed the message with joy. (1:6)

You became a model to all believers. (1:7)

Your faith in God has become known everywhere. (1:8)

You turned to God from idols. (1:9)

You serve the living and true God. (1:9)

You are waiting for His Son, Jesus, to return from heaven. (1:10)

Wow! I would love for my friends to notice these things in me and share them with me. Can we learn from Paul??? I try as much as possible to be a great encourager to everyone I meet and let them know what I see in them. I hope that I have been able to accomplish some of this and by my encouragement to them and I hope they know how much Jesus loves them and what awaits for us in the Kingdom.

Do you need a reminder? Who can you encourage today and remind them of God's love?
I know....I have a list that need encouragement...and I'll start that now.
Have a blessed day!

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