Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I've seen it all now!!!!

Do you see now??? This is EXACTLY why I don't swim ANYWHERE there are fish! They BITE! THEY EAT THE DEAD SKIN OFF YOUR FEET!!!!
And now.....NOW....they are putting fish in the pedicure bowls to eat away the dead skin???? They have lost their minds!

I have to say that the amount of anxiety that I felt while seeing this report on the news was unreal! For one...I'm terrified of fish! And I surely wouldn't go pay to have them nibble on my feet. I could go to the lake or ocean to do that. But as we all know...that won't be happening.

Actually....I think the story itself if pretty funny. But you will not catch me and my feet in a bowl with fish! Just ain't going to happen. ;o)


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Chad said...

I love it...I am going to find a place locally and then you and I are going....bring on the biting....oh by the way I posted on my blogger...finally.