Friday, June 08, 2007

Thursday's Field Trip

Yesterday was quite interesting.

I took the kids out to the SPCA to look at the animals. They liked this so much more than the animal shelter because they allowed them to play with the animals. They were so cute and the kids just loved them.

On our way home we were passing Rose Hill Cemetery. Lukus looks out the window and says:
"Hey mom....LOOK! They have a rock climbing wall over there in the cemetery"

I thought I was going to wreck the car from laughing so hard. What he was looking at was the outdoor mausoleum. So I decided to turn quickly and show him what it really was.
The kids were startled at the fact that I would drive through a cemetery for them. they began by talking about ghost and spirits. Again...quite funny. Here are some of the things they said during this drive.

Lukus: "I bet they come out at night and climb one the rock wall and see who can get to the top first"

Emilie: "Look..there's a grave with a broken heart...somebody was sad"

Ian: "That one has fresh dirt, that one must have just crawled back in last night"

Lukus: "Look that says HUGHES...we must know them"

Ian: "This is where all the spirits and ghost live and they come out at night"

ME: "What about God's spirit?"

Emilie: "Oh...Jesus comes out and plays with them too"

Lukus: "No..Jesus is with them all the time. His spirit is walking through here all the time. Even right now. Can't you see it Emilie?"

Emilie: "No...where?"

Lukus: "Right there...I can see him. His picture is drawn on that he's over there"

This certainly led for intersting conversation the rest of the day. Wonder what trip we will take today! Stay Tuned!

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