Thursday, June 28, 2007

Semi's, Rain, and I44

Today I was coming home on I44 when a semi decided to run me off the road. Fortunatley, the median at that point was grass. We hadn't gotten to the concrete barriers yet. I was fine as well as my car. (and yes..I was worried about my car)

I didn't get as mad as I normally do, but I was upset. I continued to drive with this trucker within my sight. I sat there in the quiet of my car for a few miles and just thanked God that I was okay.

I decided to exit at a different exit today and when it was my turn to go, another car slid into the intersection. Fortunatley, I heard the screeching of the tires before I went.

I have the dreams of rolling the car, being hit, being involved in shootings, or something tragic happening. One of the doctors at work told me that these visions are completely normal for where I work, what I do, and what I see.

I guess it's a good thing because it has made me a more cautious person over the past year.


Theresa said...

this all sounds oddly familiar. ;)

Chad said...

I guess St. Louis takes a second place to this.