Saturday, June 09, 2007

Re: Chad's Blog

Okay...I thought it was really funny that Chad blogged about his Granny. Not so much that it was funny...but that he called her "Granny What"!

I must admit...this is a name I gave her in 1995 when we were married about a year.

Her name is actually Arlene Paessler.

She was always "Granny" but in 1995, she came to visit us for about 2 weeks. There were many moments that were a highlights but one stands out the most.

We had just moved in the first house we had ever owned. It was small and cute and needed some cosmetic work. Chad's mom is a go getter in this area. She just keeps on going and works, works, works. So we decided to decorate my kitchen. We didn't have a stereo at the time so it was hard to listen to music. We had received the video "Grease" for Chad's birthday so we put that in and watched it about 100 times during her visit. Granny What LOVED the music. So most of the time, we turned it on and started working in the kitchen. Jan and I would work, and Granny...bless her heart....would sit and watch Grease all the times we needed to hear it to keep ourselves working. EVERYDAY....ALL DAY LONG! It never got old.

Many times I would call into the living room to her and all I would hear her say is
"WHAT?" again...I would say something to her and she again would say "WHAT" in her own little cute voice. For two weeks I always heard her say "WHAT" so then she was named "Granny What" She loves her new name and always laugh when we call....because she's the kids from Tulsa. Nobody else in the family calls her Granny What but us and we love it. She loves it.

Granny What's visits are over here. She won't ever be able to come back to Oklahoma but we will never forget all the good times we had with her. She's truly a gem to love on.

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