Thursday, June 07, 2007

Something I'm good at...

I've always been good at making friends in my life. I laughed recently when explaining that I'm even friends with all my ex-boyfriends. I don't like to burn bridges or make people upset. If I do, I'm quick to resolve the problem. I'm better at doing that with my friendships, but not so much with my my family. It's a weird twist huh?

Today in my devotional I was excited to see how it talks about friendships.
Triple-A friendships to be more specific making sure to focus on Appreciation, Attention, and Affection.

In short it says:
Watch for the things you can appreciate in a specific person today.
Focus on the positives. Be willing to express appreciation where you can.
Be willing to slow down long enough today to give some focused
attention to someone in your top three relationships. Stop to really listen
when they are talking to you. Make the effort to look into their eyes when
you are speaking with them or listening to them. Book a time with
them to go for coffee or do something you keep meaning to do together. Be
intentional about your awareness and consideration of the other person.
Give affection to these most important people in your life. Don't be
stingy with hugs or pats. Speak with tenderness and kindness in your
voice rather than the hurried irritation that creeps into "too busy" lives.
Say "I love you" to those dearest to you often.

Hopefully you will bless the friends you have today and use the triple A effect to gain or mend a few others.
You can see the entire devotional at

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Chad said...

I really enjoyed reading this. It makes you stop and think. Brenda I love you. Thanks for sharing this.