Friday, June 01, 2007

Cry Out

I have noticed I've tried to get a lot of "noise" out of my life lately. I sit in the house and just stare out the window. No TV, no music, just quiet. It's amazing what you can hear God tell you when you are silent and still. Today I have sat here all morning as the kids have slept and a song came into my head. One I haven't sang in ages. It speaks volumes to me as I cry out for His love to free me.
God has allowed me so many times to be weak and rely on his strength.

Theresa reminded me today that it's hard to feel free when I am still being wounded and it's hard to heal when that doesn't stop. Thank you my friend.

I guess it's okay to hurt, to cry, to be wounded. Just as long as I know where to come back to after a good cry.
I wish I would have thought of this song last night to sing, but for's been very healing.

I cry out
For Your hand of mercy to heal me
I am weak
I need Your love to free me

Oh Lord, my rock
My strength in weakness,
Come rescue me, oh Lord

You are my hope,
Your promise never fails me
And my desire
Is to follow You forever.

For You are good
For You are good
For You are good to me.


Chad said...

That is why I love the quiet....its amazing what you can hear.

love u,


Shane Coffman said...

The quiet is good. It helps us tune out the world and its competition for our attention. I've made entire trips from Nebraska to Oklahoma without the radio or cd player on in the past, just basking in the silence.

By the way, that's a great song. I didn't know you guys knew it, or we probably would have done it already.