Monday, June 18, 2007

If it could happen....

It's going to happen to me. Believe me, I have the worse luck of all the people I know. (except for Job) So today I'm having a pretty good day. Things are going well, I'm studying for a test I have in the morning when all of the sudden, I walk across the carpet and a FISH HOOK decides to reach up and grab my toe. Yes, a fish hook. might ask "What is a fish hook doing in your carpet" and my answer would be...I HAVE 3 KIDS! Nuff said.
So we took a trip to the ER to have it removed. Now...there is nothing worse than being in an ER where you work. The paybacks you get for all the things you've done to others comes back to haunt you. It was NOT a fun time and let me EXTREMELY hurt when they got it out. I will spare you the details of how it came out, but just think of how to get a hook out of a fish. It's the same way with a toe. Did I yell....yes!!!
So now, other than being overly emotional from just everything that has taken place, I'm okay. I'm sad that I can't swim or take a bath for a couple of weeks. And all my frinds know how much I love the bath tub!
I took before an after shots. The after shots are kind of gross so I won't post those, but you can see the hook in this one. All I need now....probably just a good hug.


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AAAAAAAAAA! Why did you put put that up on your blog!?! I'm officially sick.