Friday, June 22, 2007

no jinxing me now.....

I made a comment a few weeks ago that I don't like asking for prayers because I'm afraid it will jinx things. When I normally ask for something certain, usually the next day, things go all wrong. In my heart I know this is not how things really are, it's just me being hurt on the inside.

I asked for prayers for Ian and well....they have worked. Unbelieveably worked!!!

3 weeks ago I fought so hard against having to put Ian on antipsychotic medication. This is not a move I wanted to make. But they are truly working. Ian is becoming a child that is much easier to live with. He has started to eat, he now sleeps, and I am able to carry on a highly normal conversation with him without all the drama. I get a lot more hugs, and he wants to spend time with me.

I still see the occassional 'I'm bored' or a little whining, but think that's a bit normal for a kid in the summertime who just wants to be on the go all the time.

I stil haven't made a decision for school next year. We're still waiting on the United Way to make a decision. Until then we wait and paise God for all that He has done. I feel it's enough, but I want to ask for more, but afraid to. I feel like I shouldn't because He's already done so much.


Robert said...

It sounds like you are pursueing the right avenues and God is blessing your decisions.

I appreciate you chornicoling your, and Ian's, journey. I know what to pray for, and one day who I might be able to refer others to who are experiencing the same warfare that you, Chad, and ian have.

I have had occasions to work with three autistic children over the past 15 years. The two on meds and IEP's were highly functioning and had no problem being "mainstreamed". I invited their parnets into my classroom to educate all of us about their degree/type of autistic behavior and within a week no one even flinched when his/her asutistic behaviors arose.

The third, who parents were in denial, and resistant to mediation mush less medication, did not even make it through middle school.

God bless you all as you move forward.

mullers said...

Hia Brenda,let me introduce myself,I live in Wales, work night shifts for a parcel company which has been my employer for the last twenty odd years.I have son working for a computer software company in Huntsville Alabama,has married a wonderful american girl which has resulted in two lovely grandchildren.
We have had the pleasure of visiting your country almost every year making it nine in total,my wife and I enjoyed our visits immensely,we were made so welcome everywhere we went and the memories will stay with us forever.Sadly the visits are coming to an end,our family are coming home{and dogs),they will be arriving in September,relocating his job back to Wales.
I also have a daughter living next door to us ,(in this country it means just that, our back doors are thirty feet apart)and about eight years ago she gave birth to lovely child who we named Adam.Little did I know then that this was the start of a long journey into the world of the autistic spectrum

Chad said...

Thank you for who you are and what you will be. In my eyes you have done so many wonderful things for Ian and blessed his heart in so many ways. You are an awesome mom and Ian is a lucky son to have such a wonderful women in his life.