Wednesday, June 06, 2007

That time again.....

School started back up this week. My professor rides in everyday on his Harley. It's a site to be seen. But so far, so good. I'm really enjoying the class.

I didn't think the kids would enjoy having to get up at 7:00am everyday during the summer but they have been doing pretty well. I like getting up in the morning. My favorite thing is to sit outside and watch the sunrise. That's the highlight of my day. Yes....even the orange ones!

Today I took the kids on a little field trip. We were on our way to Mohawk Park where they love to play and they saw a sign for the city animal shelter. The kids saw it and asked if we could go. So I thought...why not. I told them ahead of time that in no way are we getting another dog right now, but we will go for the experience.
It was really interesting to see their reactions to some of the dogs. Lukus was particulary sad by the whole ordeal. He said:
"Mom...I can't stand to see them locked up like this. Some of them are crying and it makes me want to cry too"

It's amazing how their little minds work. Some of the dogs had just had puppies TODAY and that sparked some interesting questions.

The animal shelter doesn't allow you to take the dogs out and run with them for a bit but the SPCA does. So we may go and visit them tomorrow so the kids can see that at some places, animals do get to go out and play.

After that we made our way to the splash park and had a great time. The kids are such explorers of nature. They wanted to explore the creek more than play in any of the toys or get wet.

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