Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Which kind are you?

I love it when the sun comes out. It is just so beautiful today. It makes me feel so good about everything. Even when things aren't going right, when the sun comes out, it all just feels good.

I had to laugh this morning at Emilie. She has taken up Chad's cleaning habits.

I wonder if any other marriages are like this?

I am the "Picker-upper". I look at something and say..."Not big deal, it's just kids clutter"

Chad looks at it and says...."THE HOUSE IS TRASHED!"

It's nothing that I don't feel I can accomplish in about 30 minutes.

But when it comes to really cleaning, Chad is the "SPRING CLEANER"

If we both think we need to clean the house, I do my 30 minute routine and pick things up and 3 days later, Chad is still scrubbing tile!!

So last night, we were cleaning for some company coming to stay for the week. Emilie asked me how she can help. I said "Just pick up some stuff and put it away"

No big deal right?

This morning, Emilie woke up still scrubbing everything around the house and said
"Mom..I just can't get it clean enough. I want it to look pretty"

Wonder how I can make my boys like this? Is it even possible?

1 comment:

Theresa said...

I'm not sure it is possible. My boys don't even understand the straighten things up concept. :)

'course... that doesn't explain Chad's cleaning habits... :)