Monday, February 12, 2007

He felt important!

Saturday proved to be yet another weekend of hard work. I was happy that when I went to work yesterday, things had setteled down a bit. The most exhausting part is when you are holding up a wife or a husband when they are having to let their family memeber to got God. It doesn't hit you about 24 hours and then it's all at once. It was also nice to see a fimilar face in the crowd. Aaron Henley was seeing patients yesterday and stopped me to say hello.

But one exciting thing did happen....I got a DOZEN beautiful roses delivered to work. I was so excited to see the pink and peach roses mixed together in the most beautiful vase. Oh, and did I mention, they came from my wonderful husband? I feel so lucky that he married me. I get teased at work a lot that I'm treated like a princess. I'm just glad we can have fun and joke together. All I wanted was a 25 cent refill and I got a husband. I guess I can't complain.

Chad feels much better today and is back at work. I was excited to hear he went to church yesterday.
Ian woke up to tell me this morning how excited he was. He got to serve communion and he said "I felt so important"!!!

It's amazing how little things in the kingdom can feel like such big things. All Ian wants to do is feel important, and whoever let him serve, gave him just what he needed. That's what family and community is about. And I love that.

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