Friday, February 23, 2007

Getting High!

What makes you high? Do you just ever go and get high?

I love to get high! Just like I did last night!
Praising God of course.

Getting high on God is one of the greatest experiences I can have. I love to fill the spirit move. I love to know that when I'm praising...God is praising right along with me.

Those are the times that I don't worry about how I look, or how I sound, or what others are thinking. But mostly, how God feels about what I am doing and is He smiling at me, singing with me, dancing with me, or rejoicing with me.
I'm missed a lot of church this month....I'll blame it totally on all my teachers and these overwhelming amount of test!!! But last night getting together with my small group and just singing was one the the best highs I've needed for a while. I couldn't go to sleep unitl 1:00am! I was so energized!

The good thing is, I'm not exhausted today and I think that is because God filled me with His spirit! Only one that can make me opperate on this small amount of sleep.

My morning didn't start off great today...but that's okay. I think that God prepared me last night for what I had to face today...and you know...I did it very well!

I'm smiling at me today! And so is God! Could my day get any better?


Terry Rush said...


The tremendous believers like you keep me on high! I love knowing you. I admire you for the load you carry and your ultra-stubborn faith. You just won't quit! And, don't.....ever!

I love you today!

Shane Coffman said...

Hmmm...can I go to jail for helping you get high?

Brenda said...

Terry, I love you my friend! Thank you for your encouragement.

Shane, I'm sure I can count on you to stand by my side in my defense....RIGHT??? But I must say..if I'm goin down...I'm bring Theresa with me!